Although we shortened our hours (to 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday-Thursday) through Ramadan, we packed our days with activities at CRP.

Our men’s group continued to meet on Wednesdays, and children came daily to our after-school club. We also ran our English classes. The men’s barber course was in full swing, where refugees are learning a new valuable trade. So too, our women’s Hope Workshop met throughout Ramadan. In fact, on World Refugee Day, we raised nearly $10,000 to expand Hope Workshop, which teaches handicrafts to women, thereby giving them a new source of income and building community.

We held extra voucher distributions for needy refugee and Jordanian families throughout Ramadan. In addition, we facilitated the distribution of many electric fans—just in time for summer weather—and a whopping 900 chickens!

Kids’ Iftar at Burger King!

After hours, we held a few interfaith Iftars (the meal Muslims eat during Ramadan when they break their fast). For our children’s Iftar, we went to Burger King! The kids had a blast, wearing Burger King crowns and eating burgers. We daresay the adults did too!

As Ramadan came to a close and we and our community celebrated Eid, we’ve been off for the last week. Many of our staff, interns, and volunteers have taken the time to travel, visit family, or travel to visit family. On Sunday, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled hours. We’re looking forward to returning to work and to some of our activities that were on hold during Ramadan, like yoga classes. Not to mention our staff lunches!

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