Last Thursday was Girls in Information and Communication Technology day, and we’re still buzzing with excitement!

This year’s theme was Leadership, and we have the perfect leader to introduce to you. Click the below video to meet Jeenan, a super talented student from Syria.

Jeenan and her family faced unprecedented challenges when they were displaced during the Syrian civil war. But, like so many in our community, Jeenan’s spirit is unbreakable.

At just 14 years old, Jeenan built an electrical generator and won a national award for her innovation.

She wondered why planes and rockets are so often used for bad instead of good. This curiosity fueled her determination to use her passion for technology to make a positive difference in the world.

Now, she dreams of using her knowledge to build planes that bring peace. Her ultimate goal? Working with NASA to make this vision a reality.

Know someone at NASA? Then you could help Jeenan reach for the stars! If you have any connections or advice, get in touch.


CRP Intern