This past Saturday, CRP hosted a fun program for young children and teenagers in our community. Six teens from our Teen Group led a group of 30 children in a variety of activities, including drawing, dance, puzzles, and handcrafts that work towards building self-confidence and adjusting to their new community. By participating in the program, the children can express themselves through art, as well as practice English through games and music.

Just like adults, refugee children have a difficult time adjusting to their new lives in Jordan. For them, gaining confidence and making new friends is a huge challenge. That is why these types of activities are a great way to introduce the children to a healthy learning environment while playing and interacting with other children their age.

“It helps them build social skills,” says Lamia, one of the teenagers involved in the program, “When they smile, we are happy.” The teenagers also benefit from this program. Members of our Teen Group run the activities, which allows them to become more involved in the community and improve their leadership skills. We are thrilled about the success of this program and are looking forward to next Saturday’s activity.