For 2 hours every Saturday, CRP transforms into a busy hub of well organized chaos.  Children from Syria, Iraq, and Jordan come together for a variety of activities that have them singing, dancing, and smiling – a truly beautiful thing to see.  These programs are run by a group of 15 volunteers who come prepared with many things to do, creating different stations for the kids to cycle through and allowing each of the children to get a chance at the different activities.

The volunteers come to our center well prepared.  They have the children play entertaining games, do face painting, work together on murals, and dance and sing until exhaustion.  The kids eat nutritious snacks and even get to experience performances from within their ranks, like Mohammad, who performed a rousing rap on Arab unity.  Recent Children’s Days have culminated in an outbreak of breakdancing!  These activities make for an overall wonderful and heartwarming atmosphere at the center, and if success is measured in smiles than our success need not be questioned.