Staying Warm with Fuel Voucher Distributions

Though Jordan might be better known for its sweltering summers, the winters are cold and damp and sometimes even bring snowstorms. In January, usually the coldest month, the temperature at night often drops below freezing. Many buildings and homes – particularly those in the communities we serve – are poorly insulated and lack central heating systems, and families rely on space heaters, fueled with gas, to stay warm. But without assistance, many communities in our family would have to do without, as the cost of refueling these heaters can be prohibitively expensive.

Throughout the winter months, CRP is holding regular distributions of fuel vouchers, which can be exchanged for 20 liters of fuel. On January 16, we distributed fuel vouchers to 185 families, helping meet the needs of 422 adults and 418 children.

“Indoors, outdoors, the whole world is cold. It’s not important for us, but it matters for the children,” one Iraqi woman said while waiting to receive her fuel voucher. Another man explained that although he always had enough heating fuel at home in Iraq, he now struggles to heat his home. Many unheated apartments, receiving little sunlight, can feel colder than the temperature outside.

We hope these vouchers will go a long way to helping our community and the people we serve get through these cold winter months!