Has a Story
to Tell


The oldest surviving tale in history comes from the present day Middle East. Since antiquity, people have told stories to keep memories alive. All of us have stories to tell.

Every refugee has a story to tell.

We often see images of refugees fleeing to Europe in boats, but most of us would be surprised to learn that these people once had lives very similar to our own. They had good jobs, homes, and lived in safe neighborhoods. Despite having lost that, they are just like us. The only real difference is that they now don't know where their next meal is coming from and how they will keep warm this long, arduous winter.

CRP is now prioritizing food and fuel needs for the urban refugees of East Amman. Your generous gift can help us to continue to keep these refugees’ stories, along with their hopes and dreams, alive.

Little Refugees

little people with big words; their stories, their
fears, their hopes and dreams

See the stories of the refugees we serve here: 


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