Things have slowed down a bit during Ramadan this summer in Jordan. Workdays are shorter, traffic is worse, and the weather is hotter. But at CRP we are keeping busy with our usual distributions, particularly needed during the month of Ramadan, as well as staff trainings and renovations here at our community center.


With many of our usual programs on hold until after the Eid, we had the opportunity to incorporate several staff development and skill-building sessions into our schedule. This month CRP staff participated in meditation, trauma release, photography, and communication trainings, honing valuable skills that will help us serve our community better.


Our usual distributions have increased keeping in line with the charitable spirit of Ramadan. CRP staff has been distributing food packages, food vouchers, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, and fans to our most vulnerable community members. Our distributions have helped hundreds of families in our community keep food on their tables for Iftar and keep cool as temperatures continue to rise.


We are currently in the process of re-vamping our community center. We’ve recently had the floors re-leveled, and put fresh paint on the walls in our downstairs space in preparation for welcoming community members back to the center for our kid’s camps and summer programming. We’re almost finished and looking forward to sharing the new and improved space with everyone!

These small changes, trainings, and continued distributions have a large impact on our community. We at CRP look forward to returning to business as usual after the Eid, and wish everyone a joyous and peaceful Ramadan!