“I came here to CRP to learn English because I like to learn,” says Noor, a student in CRP’s English Class, “maybe it will help me in the future, when I travel, or in a job, in work.” Like many refugees, Noor hopes to improve her English skills. CRP’s English Classes, one of our most popular programs, give refugees that opportunity.

Haneen, Zenah, and Noor, three students in CRP’s English Class.

This summer, hundreds of students signed up for CRP’s English classes. We hold twelve different classes, each of which meets twice per week. Each hour-long class session focuses on speaking, while incorporating critical topics around vocabulary and grammar.

English students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are brand-new to learning English, while others build on prior experience. Haneen studied English thirty years ago, when she was in high school. But she’s picked up the language again at CRP, because, as she says, “it’s fun to learn.”

CRP runs English classes at seven different levels in order to accommodate everyone from complete beginners to near-fluent speakers. Students can advance to higher levels with each passing term. Whether class focuses on learning the alphabet or on fine-tuning pronunciation, the interactive curriculum keeps students engaged with the material.

While only 2% of refugees worldwide will ever find permanent resettlement in the West, and fewer still in English-speaking countries, learning English provides hope for many that they will one day find a home in the U.S., U.K., Australia, or Canada. Some refugees will indeed find permanent homes in English-speaking countries, where speaking the language will be vital.  For others, learning English opens up new opportunities for education, employment, and connections with the global community.

CRP’s English curriculum focuses on practical, everyday English. For example, a class often applies a new grammar topic to a relevant scenario, like going shopping or visiting the doctor. We focus on speaking, and most class sessions incorporate frequent conversation.

English Class students also have the chance to practice conversation outside of class. CRP recently began a Skype program, where English speakers from around the world help students practice their English. We pair up English speakers with members of our community for an hourly Skype session once per week. 

Are you interested in helping our English programs? We’re looking for more Skype volunteers, so fill out this form today! And if you’ll be in Amman this fall, come volunteer in person. If so, this is the form for you!