Ramadan is a time of community and coming together, and we want to make sure all of the families we serve have adequate provisions this summer.

Did you know that only one grocery bag of food can provide as many as 11 meals? That is a huge help to families in East Amman who never know if they will have enough food to get by each month. Let’s help guarantee this is not a worry for them this summer!

Over the next few months, we will be collecting non-perishable foods that we can distribute to families throughout the summer. Drop-off points are at Cozmo at 7th Circle and Books@Cafe (both locations–First Circle and Abdoun).

We’re requesting nutritious canned and dry goods. Here are some suggestions:

● Rice
● Lentils
● Canned tuna
● Vegetable Oil
● White beans
● Red beans
● Macaroni
● Thin macaroni (shaariya)
● Powdered juice
● Tea
● Dates
● Maggi cubes (bouillon)
● Laughing Cow triangle cheese (or any other brand)
● Qamaridden (apricot layers)
● Any type of canned goods