July has been an exciting month at CRP for our refugee community! The festive month of Ramadan is all about giving, and our team has been working extra hard to expand our regular distributions in the spirit of the holiday.

We include everyone in our community in these distributions, which go out to families of all nationalities and religions as well as to local Jordanians. Our teen volunteers are also playing a huge role in helping to get the many items out to those who need them.

“It is important that we help those of all nationalities and religions because we are a humanitarian organization, which means we are helping humanity and not only refugees or Muslims,” says Abu Abdullah, who’s been running our distributions night and day this month.


Here’s an overview of what we’ve given out so far:

32 families have received stand fans so they can stay cool in Amman’s searing heat.

230 people have received hot meals.

132 families have received frozen ground meat and chicken so they can prepare their own meals.

30 families were given non-perishable food items donated through our food drive, and an additional 162 families were given food parcels.

100 families were given food vouchers to use at local stores.

So far this Ramadan, CRP has helped 554 families–that’s 2400 people–through distributions. CRP’s Abu Yousef, who’s done much of our food distribution organizing, says that the best part of Ramadan distributions is CRP’s ability to reach out to those who otherwise wouldn’t receive any help. “People who come in for Ramadan distributions are very happy to receive food because many of them don’t have a source of income. The best part is that we can help them.”

Of course, our ability to give extra help this summer would not at all have been possible without your support. Thank you for putting a smile on the faces of families who need it most this summer! We’ll be continuing food distributions through Ramadan and distributing basic needs throughout the summer. Please check our FB page and our website to keep updated on how you can help!