photoThere are unique talents in everybody, and every so often we get the chance to help foster this talent. Worood, whose name means ‘roses’ in Arabic, is a budding Iraqi artist. As the conflict worsened in Iraq, Worood’s family was forced to flee their home, including Worood’s art studies in Baghdad.

Although safely in Jordan, Worood’s family continues to struggle with providing the most basic provisions in food and shelter and sadly is unable to support Worood’s needs for art supplies and continued study. This is how Worood and her family came to CRP. Her dreams seemed shattered. Luckily one of our supporters, Jacqui Basker of the New York Institute of Technology, met Worood through CRP and was able to help.

Worood’s only physical reminder of her previous study lived in photographs buried in her mobile phone. According to Jacqui, Worood’s photographs documented an artistic talent that would have taken Worood to the top of any art program in any country.

Jacqui was able to arrange teaching and support for Worood’s study with Dr. Ihsan Bandak at the Bandak Gallery in Amman. Worood recently had a number of portraits she painted in a group show entitled ‘Faces’ in  Amman. We’re so grateful to Jacqui for supporting Worood and excited to see where Worood’s fabulous talent will take her.