Would you host a party to help put food on a refugee family's table?
Would you host a party to help put food on a refugee family’s table?

In light of recent UN food aid cuts, ensuring that refugee families have enough food is becoming increasingly difficult. With your partnership in our Table to Table initiative, you can help families in our community put food on the table! We will provide you with everything you need to host a successful and informative gathering about our expanding food voucher program.

Here’s how it works:

We provide materials about CRP, short videos illustrating the impact of our programming and the option of having a CRP staff member Skype into your event to answer questions!

You provide a meal, potluck or snacks for friends, family or colleagues who are interested in being part of something positive in the Middle East. You offer them your hospitality, information on CRP, the opportunity to make a donation and a follow up thank you email.

Together we raise funds and awareness about the dire refugee situation in Jordan and, most importantly, through our food voucher program we will put food on the tables of families who are struggling to meet this basic need.

Here’s what CRP board member Monica Greco has to say about her 2014 Super Bowl party for CRP: “I was surprised by how passionately my friends and family responded to the cause. Rather than coming off as an imposition, everyone was eager to help any way they could!”

If you are interested in hosting a gathering, please contact us at [email protected]