Team Building at the Dead Sea!

11025830_921030377941334_5636941557134903394_nMany new teens have joined our teen group in the past few months, so we decided it was time for a road trip! Thanks to a generous donation from Dynamix In Jordan, our teen group had a great day hiking in a canyon near the Dead Sea.

The teens were divided into four groups – each responsible for leading one aspect of the hike. One was in charge of ensuring that the group stayed together; the second started a campfire to roast marshmallows; the third built a tent using a tarp and sticks, and the fourth group made traps for animals. These activities reinforced the teamwork skills the teens have been learning about and also encouraged responsibility, time management, and organization.

We are so thankful for the roles our teens play in the community and are happy they were able to have such a fun and adventurous weekend. Our teen group is especially important to CRP because of their engagement in the community. Many of our teens volunteer with After School Club and lead weekly children’s activities.

The teens already active in CRP were very welcoming to the newcomers, and all had a great time climbing rocks and walking under waterfalls!