Thanks for Everything, Brad!

Brad first started as a volunteer at CRP in the Spring of 2017. He jumped in and started working on grants and helping to streamline internal processes. It’s not usual for CRP to be able to hire volunteers, but Brad’s initiative and technical skills were too good to pass up. We convinced him to come on as our Director of Finance & Reporting.

Brad, one sunny day in CRP’s courtyard.

Helping refugees had been what brought Brad to Jordan in the first place. But he didn’t know at the time what a direct impact he would have on refugee communities. Brad moved to Jordan because his wife, a lawyer, started working for International Refugee Assistance Project. While Brad’s own background hadn’t been working for nonprofits or with refugees, his ability to plan an execute projects made him a great asset to CRP.

Of course, it wasn’t just these reasons that made Brad a key part of CRP’s leadership team. “Brad was the best office mate I could have asked for, always available to help and answer questions about finances, project oversight, or life in general. I’ll miss our daily snack runs, and we’ll ALL miss his wisdom, humor, and resourcefulness,” says Lilly, our Community Center Programs Director.

Indeed, Brad also helped to mentor interns and keep some of the fun traditions at CRP alive, such as heading out for donuts every Monday. CRP uses Slack, an online chat tool, so that our staff members and interns can quickly respond to one another. Brad was always quick with a sly joke and we’ll miss his wry humor.

Jason, our Director of Data & Marketing, feels the same, saying, “I’m so grateful for Brad. He was a huge part of our success these last couple of years, and really helped us advance as an organization. Brad is always calm in a crisis and ready with a joke. I’ll miss him.”

Just as when anyone leaves our community, we’re sad to say goodbye but happy that Brad will start the next chapter in his life. With the birth of his baby daughter, he’s headed back to the United States to be closer to family. And no matter how far away, we know that Brad’s commitment to supporting our community will never waver.

Thanks for all of your support these last couple of years, Brad!