Laure Prudhomme leads the men's session
Laure Prudhomme leads the men’s session.

As Ramadan quickly approaches, and the school year begins to draw to a close, many members of our community are preparing for a significant change in their day-to-day life. These changes are exciting and festive, but they can bring additional economic and logistical stressors to families in East Amman. At CRP, we believe in the potential for the positive impact of psychosocial support programs on health and wellness, and have seen the impact these programs can have on stress-management skills.

On Monday, May 22, CRP hosted a special yoga workshop titled “The Art of Self-Care,” led by Laura Prudhomme. Laura is a psychosocial support professional based in Seattle, with a specialization in trauma-sensitive yoga practice. In Seattle, Laura works with incarcerated women to teach stress management skills via yoga practice, and conducts trainings for incarcerated women to become yoga instructors within the prisons.

In the session, Laura led a yoga class focused on stress management skill training via breath, body movements, and working with silence. In the men’s session, one participant noted an immediate improvement to a lingering pain in his back. To make sure the movements could be repeated outside of the center, the session utilized normal household items, like chairs and even just a wall, to perform the necessary movements. Participants were excited to memorize the poses so they could repeat them at home.

CRP is grateful to Laura for providing an enriching session at such a timely moment in the year for our community. We are constantly striving to diversify and increase the breadth of our health and wellness programming to ensure we offer opportunities for self-care that suit the diversity of our community and their experiences. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your expertise!