The Benefits of Dominoes Night

Dominoes-Night_thumbEvery Sunday between 20 and 60 Iraqi men gather at CRP to play dominoes, a favorite pastime from home.  This past Sunday was no exception, as over 20 men arrived at CRP to play dominoes with friends.

Weekly domino night at CRP has become increasingly popular as more of the neighboring community learns about the opportunity to get out of their homes and chat with friends. Hookah, coffee, tea, and snacks are mixed into the evening’s events.

Spending a few hours outside of home is a much needed stress relief for CRP’s beneficiaries. Unfortunately, many Iraqi men in the community spend many of their days at home, as they are prohibited from working. Dominoes night provides a welcome relief to stress, anxiety, and many of the other psychological challenges facing refugees.

Seeing familiar faces fill the center each Sunday is an excellent way to start the week!