CRP’s yoga program strives to address the psychosocial issues of refugees and provide them with a tight-knit and welcoming community. Men, women, teens, and children have been attending weekly sessions for the past month. Majed and Khaled regularly participate in the yoga program and praised the activity for making life in Amman easier for them. “Yoga is healthy for the body and keeps away sickness,” said Majed, “At first we participated because we had heard the benefits of yoga but we didn’t know exactly what it was so we were curious.”

This program also serves as a safe haven for our community, as the stress of life as a refugee can sometimes be too much to bear. “I’ve been in Amman for a year and a half and my nerves are wrecked. My instructor tells me to relax and breathe but it is hard because of all the pressures on my family, said Kahled, “Yoga helps me relax and clear my thoughts.”

After several classes, many participants have noticed that it relieves them of the weight of life in Amman and they hope to incorporate the healthy practice into their daily routines.