In December, 468 individuals came through for us and made a donation for CRP. Some gave their pocket money, others were able to give larger amounts; each what they were able and willing to give. We were especially impressed by how many different countries we received donations from: North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland, and many more were represented.

We raised a grand total of $126.094!

All of these persons are making an enormous difference with their gift. The biggest part of CRP’s budget comes from individual donations! They fund our emergency assistance and the biggest part of our food- and medical-assistance programs as well many of our programs including calligraphy, daycare, and Mind-Body Medicine.

The donations have come at the right time. We cannot stress this enough: International aid for refugees in Jordan is decreasing sharply. With the conflict in Syria seemingly calming down, it is assumed that help is no longer needed. This could not be more wrong. The majority of refugees are still unable to return to their countries of origin. As one of our volunteers put it: “If I ever go back to Damascus, I will certainly be arrested and put into jail.” So by giving to CRP, donors have made sure that we can continue providing refugees with food and a safe space to heal and learn.

One of our biggest projects this year is starting programs at the new downtown center. In this center, we focus on serving the heavily neglected refugee communities of Sudan, Yemen, and smaller African countries especially. During food-voucher distributions people constantly ask us for English, computer and beauty classes as well as daycare. We will also be able to move forward and provide many refugees with much-needed education and basic-needs assistance.

Your donation is making all this possible.

Thank you from all of us at CRP and from all the girls, boys, women, and men who have been helped by your generous gift!