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CRP has begun to convert our yard area into what will soon become a community garden project! Earlier this week a group of community members spent a day cleaning and preparing the area. Next we will get the entire community involved in the conversion and will be able to use the space for a variety of things. Because it is a small space, we are planning to get creative with our planting. We will do some hanging pots and potentially tiered wall planters so that we can best utilize the area that we have without compromising its utility for events. Both vegetables and flowers will be planted, so that we can get food and beauty from the project!


The space will be extremely versatile. We will be able to use the area as an educational tool for the children, helping to teach them how to grow flowers and vegetables themselves. This will involve the children and adults who will help run these activities. We will also be able to use the area as a space for community events, as well as a space that members of the community can rent out for their own private events. As many don’t have the room or money to rent out a place of their own, this will be a great resource for the community members to have, and it will be something that they are invested in maintaining and improving.