IMG_5801In recent months, we have expanded our psychosocial programming at CRP to include Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). TRE is a gentle practice that consists of light tremors or shaking in the body that is done in a prone position. The practice was developed by Dr. David Berceli, an expert in trauma studies, who has used the technique with many PTSD sufferers worldwide. A local TRE teacher has been working with CRP to pilot the program in our community, and we have had a very positive response from those who have begun the practice at our center.

TRE helps to alleviate some of the long-term effects that individuals suffering from various forms of PTSD exhibit, and more particularly TRE is useful for helping minimize the physical effects that a trauma can have on an individual. It is a gentle, bodily practice that allows individuals to alleviate pain associated with traumatic experience without being forced to relive the trauma. We are very excited about the impact of TRE we are already beginning to see in those who have begun to practice it. Lamia, a refugee community member who has recently taken up TRE says, “I find it relaxing; it is enjoyable doing it with other women and it helps me relieve stress.”