Art Club

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“I am an artist and I think art is very, very important to our emotions and for us to let out any sadness or happiness” — Reem, Art Club Co-Founder

Our Women’s Art Club is a place for women to come together, have fun, and express themselves. The group meets weekly and projects vary from painting emotions to attempting single-line drawings to decorating candle holders. Creating art reduces stress and allows time to be set aside to have fun and socialize. This type of artistic expression increases self-awareness and self-esteem.

Art projects help members of the club express and understand their emotions through creative means. These types of activities are important for the emotional wellbeing of refugees, to foster a routine, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and provide an outlet for their feelings. The club has trauma-relieving and community-building benefits and provides emotional and social support to its participants.

Coming to Art Club allows women to explore their unique talents in a stimulating environment. Art Club is a place to turn trauma, anxiety, and stress into creative works that the women can take pride in. It’s less of an educational program, and open to all levels of artistic ability. The volunteer teachers focus less on rigorous technique and more on the emotional wellness and growth of the participants.

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