“Keystone is where you strengthen your body, and broaden your mind” — Qais, Member of Keystone

Our largest men’s group, Keystone, meets twice per week to talk and exercise. Collateral Repair Project started the Keystone Program with help from Operation Mercy in 2014. The program helps maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of men in the refugee community.

Keystone fills up fast! A local trainer leads the class, focusing on healthy living and stress relief. Combing discussions with exercise creates a feeling of camaraderie between the participants.

The group starts with a discussion circle and a different topic each week. Topics differ from our Men’s Support Group, Diwaniya, and include subjects such as self-empowerment and living a healthy lifestyle. Keystone allows the men to talk about their experiences in a place where they feel comfortable and surrounded by friends.

After the discussion, Keystone exercises begin. The trainer designs the exercises to be done in small spaces with no equipment. Keystone consists of a series of high intensity workouts. Much of it includes partners or teams, or paired exercises as well. Helping each other in teams or pairs helps build trust and friendship. Open to adult men of all ages and fitness levels, Keystone is a diverse bunch.

Incredibly enthusiastic, Keystone members have matching shirts and their shouts fill the halls of the Community Center every time they work out. The men leave Keystone relaxed, smiling, and joking each day.

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