Men’s Group

“I can say everything that is in my heart and I’m doing a lot better. It’s beautiful that I’m psychologically relaxed.” — Kamal, Member of CRP’s Men’s Group

Each week, what may be our most devoted group gathers together. Men’s Group, or Diwaniya in Arabic, is something of a sharing circle. Collateral Repair Project began Men’s Group in 2015 after women in the refugee community told us that their husbands were restless and full of pent-up energy.

Most of these men worked back in their home countries of Iraq and Syria. They provided for their families and were a part of their communities. After fleeing, and because Jordanian law largely forbids them from legally working here, these same men are now left with no income, no paycheck, and little community. They face feelings of frustration and feel a lot of stress at struggling to take care of their families as they used to.

At Men’s Group, the men talk about a new topic each week. The group is a safe place for them to discuss their problems and emotions. This is also an opportunity to make friends and socialize. The participants have become a tight-knit community and the men are very close.

The members of Men’s Group feel as though they are being listened to and are happy to share. They welcome newcomers and guests, but it has largely been the same group coming together each week, working through their issues together over the years.

Regardless of the topic though, Men’s Group is a fixture at CRP’s Family Resource and Community Center. Providing this outlet for stress helps the men relax, examine difficult emotions they’re having, and foster positive relationships.

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