“It’s like a second home. The things we talk about with others here, I might not talk about with my relatives.” — Thamer, Member of Mind-Body-Medicine at CRP

Collateral Repair Project believes that emotional support and trauma relief are integral for refugees. Together with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, CRP began the Mind-Body-Medicine Program. This program is available to men, women, and teens, in separate groups that each meet once per week.

We selected leaders from our community and sent them to training with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. At CRP’s weekly sessions, these leaders create an environment for trauma relief built on self-care and participants’ mutual support and understanding of one another.

The Mind-Body-Medicine Program teaches tools to manage and alleviate symptoms of trauma through self-care and self-awareness. The group learns methods to independently support their own mental health and wellbeing. Through scientifically validated mind-body skills, such as guided imagery and meditation, people are encouraged to heal from within.

While our Mind-Body-Medicine Program largely focuses on independent healing techniques, the sense of community is still strong. Healing spreads, and trauma relief becomes a communal effort. As the healing process is shared with others, the community develops resilience and is better able to endure change and strife.

Special thanks to The Center for Mind-Body-Medicine for their support in this program!