“I feel relaxed. I feel like I’m floating over the clouds. I feel like I’m traveling.” — Majeda, Yoga Participant at CRP

Collateral Repair Project partnered with The Yoga Mandala Project to begin yoga for men, women, and kids. Since the beginning, it has proved a popular staple of our curriculum. The Yoga Mandala Project sent experts to train members of the local community as well as expat volunteers in trauma-sensitive yoga techniques. These trainees now lead the program and classes and pass their knowledge on to others who are then able to lead their own classes or go home and teach the exercises to their families.

Yoga helps with both physical and emotional wellbeing, teaching mindfulness, and encourages setting aside a time for stress relief and relaxation. For people struggling with PTSD, this safe and guided opportunity to relax can be invaluable. Many of our community members suffer from nightmares, breathing difficulties, and have trouble distracting themselves from their current problems or the lingering trauma of fleeing war. At yoga, these people learn to regulate their breathing, practice meditative thought, and find peace within themselves.

A big thank you to Yoga Mandala Project for their support in this program!

We rely heavily on our team of volunteers, both local and foreign, to carry our Yoga Program. Interested in joining them?

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Chair Yoga Yields Flexibility and Smiles

Chair yoga involves various movements and stretches, all from a seated position. The class was designed for refugees who have experienced trauma.

Healing Through Yoga – CRP’s Special Approach

Every year Claire, a professional yoga instructor from Ireland, comes to CRP to help train instructors in trauma-sensitive yoga and hold classes and give guidance to participants.

The Art of Self-Care

At CRP, we believe in the potential for the positive impact of psychosocial support programs on health and wellness, and have seen the impact these programs can have on stress-management skills.

A Look Back at CRP’s Yoga Program

“We’ve found people so receptive to yoga. Right from the start, people would turn up, and interestingly for me, the men’s classes are more attended than the women’s.”

CRP Yoga Fellows Begin Classes

CRP has been conducting yoga classes for two and a half years with great success, both for women and men.  Recently, we have also added a children’s class due to the popularity among our beneficiaries.

Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

This past month, CRP hosted Bella Hancock, an experienced yoga instructor from Ireland, to help us set up an ongoing yoga program for adults and youth. During the entire month, Bella led intensive yoga workshops.

The Benefits of Yoga for the CRP Community

CRP’s yoga program strives to address the psychosocial issues of refugees and provide them with a tight-knit and welcoming community.

Breathe in, Breathe Out

This month, we are hosting an experienced yoga instructor who is leading intensive yoga workshops for men, women, teens, and children to address psychosocial issues and promote mindfulness and wellness.