“It’s my first day here, but I really enjoyed the class today. I used to do Zumba only in my house, and this gives me the opportunity to exercise and have fun in a group setting.” — Hadeel, Young Iraqi Refugee.

For women looking to maintain their physical health, CRP offers Zumba classes at our Family Resource & Community Center. Zumba is an innovative fitness program that combines international music with dance and interval training. During Zumba classes, primarily Latin beats are paired with repetitive and easy-to-follow dance choreography, creating an enjoyable and unique workout experience.

Putting time aside to exercise can often be a luxury and gym memberships cost money that many refugees and needy Jordanians don’t have. Our Zumba class provides a free and fun way to get moving and work on cardio and muscle endurance. Zumba classes meet once per week and are open to women of all ages. The exercise acts as a method of stress-relief, and is an opportunity for the women to socialize and have fun with their friends.

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