What Will The New Year Bring?


Imagine the choices you would face if you were living in Syria or Iraq right now. The crisis in the region has become increasingly perilous. Your family is forced to flee your home with little notice to seek safety elsewhere. You face the future with little more than what you can carry on your back. Like many others, you may decide that crossing the border into Jordan is the best chance of ensuring safety for you and your loved ones. However, as refugees in a foreign land, there too, you face uncertainty. In addition to the trauma you have already experienced, meeting your family’s basic needs is a day-to-day struggle.

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At CRP, every day brings new families who need food and basic necessities. We are making every effort to help them, but the needs are enormous. As the conflict presses on, we are experiencing an increase in demand for emergency assistance.

Please support CRP to help ensure that refugees from Syria and Iraq find the safety and security they deserve.