Hope Workshop

“I didn’t have that much interaction with people in Amman before coming to CRP’s Hope Workshop. I meet a lot of women here and I really enjoy working with them. . . I also benefit from making money from my projects!” — Huda, Hope Workshop Member

Hope Workshop is a craft collective that provides refugee women the space to collaborate, create, and socialize, while earning additional income for their households. Most of the women are displaced and have been forced to find new paths to provide for their families and build social connections. The Workshop provides a safe space for women to gather together, offering community and psychosocial support.

Hosted at Collateral Repair Project, the Workshop includes 60 participants, Iraqis, Syrians, and in-need Jordanians, who come from diverse religious and geographic backgrounds and span a variety of ages. The women run the workshop. This allows them to gain valuable leadership and organizational skills, while making products that they feel proud of. Our goal is for the participants to make money with dignity, providing a sense of ownership and independence. Thus, 90% of all profits from sales goes back directly to the women, while the rest funds supplies needed to run the workshop.

Hope Workshop is a productive and creative outlet, which offers participants a reason to get out of the house, a way to relieve stress, and a sense of community. At its heart, the Workshop is a place for women to gather together and socialize while they work. Every purchase of a Hope Workshop product makes a direct impact in the lives of the women.

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CRP created Hope Workshop with help from Advocacy Project, learn more about them here!

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