Hope Workshop Products Gallery

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Check out our different products here. All purchases make an impact in the lives of the women of Hope Workshop

Henna Bags

These lovely bags are hand embroidered with designs inspired by henna tattoos. Bags are lined and have three deep pockets to keep your cell phones and other personal items easily accessible. Choose the color combination for your bag or let our designer pick for you, making your bag one of a kind!

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Our adorable gnomes come in a variety of sizes, weights, and styles. Man, women, child, or Christmas Doorstop, light, or ornament
There is a gnome for everyone!

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These beautiful calendars, available for Ramadan and Christmas, are sure to become a part of your family traditions

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We are excited to offer Christmas stockings made by the women of Hope Workshop. The stockings are lined and have a loop, making them easy to hang. Customize your stocking with a hand-embroidered name in English or Arabic

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Tree Skirts

Wrap your Christmas tree in this beautiful red and white keffiyeh patterned tree skirt.

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