Daycare Center

“Without the Daycare Center, I would not be able to come to CRP, because my children have nowhere else to go.” – Shatha, Member of Several Programs

CRP’s Daycare Center provides care for children aged nine months to six years old. This program began in March 2018 and offers a wide range of services for children. Not only does the Daycare Center provide a space for our beneficiaries’ children to play freely and rest, but it also offers guided instruction and activities.

CRP gives these kids early educational lessons, where they learn both the English and Arabic alphabets, primary colors, basic food groups, and parts of the body. The center also stocks art supplies and our staff shows children how to make simple crafts. A small playground just around the corner gives children the opportunity to get some fresh air and let off steam.

The Daycare Center runs during the same hours as CRP’s Family-Resource and Community Center.

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