Parent’s Awareness

“The classes have helped me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am able to discuss difficult experiences with my family.” — Majed, Community Member

When forced to leave home and arrive in a new country, it is easy for things to fall to the wayside. Education shouldn’t be one of them. If a student misses three or more years of school, they aren’t able to re-enter public schools and attain formal education in Jordan.

After facing traumatic events and missing out on being out of school sometimes for years, a lot of students have difficulty adjusting to being behind other students their own age and attending classes. To help alleviate these stressors, Collateral Repair Project holds monthly information sessions for parents. These sessions help them learn how to advocate for their children’s education and how to handle any potential behavioral problems that may occur.

As a result of the above issues, non-formal education centers have cropped up around Amman. Collateral Repair Project functions as a contact point between refugees hoping to get back into school and these education centers. A part of our Education Campaign with Rotary International, we help families prepare to re-enter school and provide them with school supplies, uniforms, and backpacks. In 2017, for example, Collateral Repair Project supplied 1,181 students with these supplies!

Collateral Repair Project also follows up with families and schools to check attendance and identify any potential problems.