Summer Camp

“My favorite program in summer camp is the dance class.” — Summer Camp Participant

With school out of session and little going on, summer can be a difficult time for refugee children. That’s why CRP started our Summer Camp. This program, open to kids ages 5 to 14, meets every weekday throughout the summer. Every day of camp centers around a theme, like “countries of the world” or “jungles and animals,” and campers fill the day with fun activities related to the theme.

Whether it’s activities like soccer and art, or just playing with new friends, Summer Camp enables children to have fun in a safe, educational environment. For refugees in Amman, that kind of environment isn’t always easy to find. That makes Summer Camp all the more important.

One day, Summer Camp might play soccer. The next, it could focus on an art project, or a presentation. The diverse range of activities keeps participants engaged and encourages them to learn.

“I liked storytelling and I liked music and I liked yoga.” — Summer Camp Participant

Many of the activities teach campers about leadership, cooperation, and language acquisition. Most involve group work, where campers learn how to work together. The camp also integrates language acquisition with games, making the learning process more stimulating for the campers.

Summer Camp serves a diverse set of participants. But wherever our campers come from, we make sure they feel welcome at CRP. At Summer Camp, campers make friends with participants from different backgrounds. This fosters tolerance and acceptance among Amman’s different communities.

Special thanks to Rotary International for their support in this program as a continuation of our After-School Club!

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