Teen All Stars

‘We can express anything we want to, there are no limits. Even our own stories from the past.’ -Hanadi, Teen All Stars participant.

Teen All Stars is a program helping teens aged thirteen to seventeen gain academic and vocational skills, as well as cultural knowledge. Most refugee teenagers miss several years of school, and many will never be eligible to join schools in Jordan. Teen All Stars aims to fill in these gaps.

The program, launched at the end of 2018, includes lessons in Maths, Arabic, English and computer skills. Participants can also choose to learn barbershop, make-up, electrical and agricultural skills. There are sports activities too, such as trips to the local bowling alley, and creative projects, like Dabke lessons (a traditional Levantine folk dance). Rap lessons have been particularly popular with the kids.

‘’It’s not easy for refugees, especially teens. You have to be patient and flexible at the same time,’’ -Alaa, Teen All Stars program coordinator.

One exciting part of the Teen All Stars program is its cultural element. Many of the teens rarely leave Hashemi Shamali, and know very little about Amman. Taking them on trips to different parts of the city widens their world, and helps them to feel connected to Amman.

The students have taken part in a videography project called Voices of Amman and Voices of Brussels. This is in partnership with a group of students from Belgium, and involves both sets of teenagers making short films about life in their cities. The project gives young refugees in Amman the opportunity to explore their own cultures, Jordanian culture, and other cultures too!

Teen All Stars is very popular, with thirty students signed up in its first few months. CRP hopes to continue supporting the education of refugee teens.

Special thanks to Rotary International for their support of this program!