Teen Group

“What I enjoy most is that we choose the discussion topics and the events that we like to do” — Unnamed Teen at CRP

Many of the teenagers in the refugee community of Amman are not currently in school. After several years out of school, they are unable to re-enter formal education in Jordan. For those in school, classes are overcrowded, with around 45 kids per teacher. As a result, there are a number of undereducated teenagers with nothing to fill their days. Teen Group seeks to provide a place where teens can learn, create meaningful connections with peers, and spend their free time. Teen Leadership and Weekend Activities are the two primary aspects of our Teen Group and while there is a lot of overlap, teens are free to choose which events and activities they attend.

Teen Leadership
Partnering with Rotary International, as part of our Education Campaign, Teen Club meets weekly. The group chooses their own discussion topics each week. Topics often relate to issues in their lives, or have more general themes such as teamwork.
Twice per month, for six months, the teens undergo leadership training. At leadership training, the group learns skills such as debate, decision making, critical thinking, and presentation.

During these meetings, the teens who stand out are chosen to act as Education Advocates for younger kids. These Education Advocates volunteer with the After-School Program. They set a good example for the kids and create positive connections between community members despite age differences.

Weekend Activities
Each Saturday, a group of teenagers gathers at CRP to choose an activity. Skateboarding is a popular choice, as is soccer. Sometimes the teenagers go on group field trips. CRP gives them a chance to build a community among themselves, and the group has gotten close over the months. These activities enable the teens to build confidence by trying new things and gaining skills. These activities also provide a fun and healthy outlet for getting outside and being physically active! This group is more informal and social than Teen Leadership.

Special thanks to Rotary International and Schüler Helfen Leben for their support in this program!

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Teen Boredom Among Refugees

Many refugee teens are out of school and unable to work legally. This combination means they have many, many hours to fill on their own.

From Students to Leaders

CRP’s Education Specialist, Karam, developed the Teen Leadership Training Program last year. The course aims to promote teen leadership, provide spaces for teens to act as mentors to younger children, and take responsibility in their community.

Skateboarding with a Purpose

On some weekends, CRP brings teenagers to Amman’s 7Hills skatepark. Everyone is welcome, from experienced skateboarders to complete beginners.

Rotary Provides Place for Teens to Gather

Every Saturday, teens gather at CRP to listen to speakers, partake in activities, and sometimes just to hang out. The meetings, sponsored by Rotary International, are designed to encourage creativity and foster friendships.

Teen Education at CRP: Good for the Whole Community

Whether in school or out of school, refugee or Jordanian citizen, the first thing that draws teens to CRP is the promise of English and computer classes.

Skateboarding Helps Refugee Teens Fight Boredom and Build Friendships

The bus leaving from CRP’s main building had barely pulled off before the driver turned on the music, and what seemed like a quiet bus ride erupted into rhythmic claps and singing. The teenagers are excited.

The Joy of Skating

Skateboarding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jordan, but it certainly is one of the activities that has proved most popular among CRP’s teen group.

Celebrating Together at American Community School

Yesterday, 17 members of our teen group at the Collateral Repair Project were invited to the Annual Thanksgiving Potluck at the American Community School (ACS)!

Team Building at the Dead Sea!

Many new teens have joined our teen group in the past few months, so we decided it was time for a road trip! Thanks to Dynamix In Jordan, our teen group had a great day hiking in a canyon near the Dead Sea.

Saturday Activities for Kids and Teens

This past Saturday, CRP hosted a fun program for young children and teenagers in our community. Six teens from our Teen Group led a group of 30 children in a variety of activities.

Music Fun at CRP!

Over the past few weeks CRP has been visited by group of musicians working in collaboration with B Major, a local music organization in Jordan.