We believe in people coming together to create inclusive, empowered, vibrant communities. And when we say people, we mean all people. The CRP community welcomes refugees from countries such as Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, together with vulnerable Jordanians. We believe that diversity is a strength and an opportunity. Become a monthly donor today to be a part of the healing, connection, safety, and dignity our community experiences everyday at CRP.




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Collateral Repair Project (CRP) is a grassroots effort to bring much-needed assistance to refugees and other victims of war and conflict—those commonly referred to as “collateral damage.” We run an Emergency Assistance Program that provides cash assistance and food vouchers to refugees who do not have their basic needs covered. We also manage two vibrant community center, where families can rebuild social ties and participate in activities where they can connect, learn, and heal together.

We are located in Amman, Jordan—temporary home to hundreds of thousands of refugees from many countries.

CRP is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.