How Refugees Prepare to Celebrate Eid

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawal, the tenth month of the Islamic calendar.

Rotary Provides Place for Teens to Gather

Every Saturday teens gather at CRP to listen to speakers, partake in activities, and sometimes just to hang out. The meetings, sponsored by Rotary International, are designed to encourage creativity and foster friendships—which is especially...

Chair Yoga Yields Flexibility and Smiles

Chair yoga involves various movements and stretches, all from a seated position. The class was designed for refugees who have experienced trauma.

Observing Ramadan in a New Community

For refugees living here in Amman, Ramadan celebrations will be less festive than in the past, because they are so far from their friends and family.

Solace for Everyone

Many refugees who arrive at CRP bring considerable emotional baggage with them. They are eager to put the turmoil of their home countries behind them and begin new chapters at CRP.

“Save Syria Medical Mission 2018” Comes to CRP

While primary healthcare services are provided by the UNHCR in refugee camps, the lack of available facilities in urban areas is a major concern for displaced and stateless individuals.

New Glass-Drilling Class at CRP!

Our new glass-drilling class allows refugees to carve decorations and engrave their names on glass pieces. It aims to develop artistic skills while giving the refugees practical, hands-on experience.

Extra Food Vouchers Distributed at CRP

CRP’s extra food-voucher distribution will include beneficiaries that require savings for other purposes. Refugees have many bills to pay, like rent, school supplies, electricity, medication, and even surgeries.

Overcoming Adversity at CRP

Hadeel fled Iraq and came to Amman hoping that she would be able to reconstruct a life, but conditions remain difficult, and recovering from the trauma of displacement is a long, hard process.

Coping with Traumatic Experiences Through Mind-Body Medicine

CRP’s class on the mind and body has been a success, giving refugees a base upon which they can talk and heal from their traumas. Calming their mind, relaxing their body, the class had been an important asset for its members.