Collateral Repair Podcast

The Collateral Repair Podcast aims to share the stories of refugees living in Amman, Jordan. On a monthly basis, CRP invites you into an intimate space that will allow you to hear and understand refugees’ experiences in their own words. Each episode features an interview with a member of one of Jordan’s refugee communities, a supporting interview with a professional or employee at CRP, a Q&A in response to listeners’ questions, and a quick update of developments that month at CRP.

If you have comments or questions you would like to hear answered on air, please submit them to podcast [at] collateralrepairproject [dot] org.


Episode 1 (June 2018) – Education

This episode marks the launch of the Collateral Repair Podcast, a new platform to tell the stories of refugees living in Amman. We begin with an episode on education, a critical and complex factor in refugee children’s lives after displacement.

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Podcast Team

Jason Wilson
Judy Oldfield-Wilson
Associate Interviewer
Aaron Weintraub
Head Editor
Asha Athman
Production and Release Manager