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The Collateral Repair Podcast aims to share the stories of refugees living in Amman, Jordan. On a monthly basis, CRP invites you into an intimate space that will allow you to hear and understand refugees’ experiences in their own words. Each episode features an interview with a member of one of Jordan’s refugee communities, a supporting interview with a professional or employee at CRP, a Q&A in response to listeners’ questions, and a quick update of developments that month at CRP.

If you have comments or questions you would like to hear answered on air, please submit them to podcast [at] collateralrepairproject [dot] org.


Episode 5 (December 2018) – 2018 at CRP

Listen on iTunes here! For our last episode of the year, we sit down with Amanda Lane who is the Executive Director at Collateral Repair Project, and reflect on how far the organization has come since...

Episode 4 (November 2018) – Employment

Listen on iTunes here! In our Fourth episode of the Collateral Repair Podcast, we examine the daunting challenges refugees go through when looking for work. Emad, a Syrian who crossed the border into Jordan in 2012,...

Episode 3 (October 2018) – Starting a Family

Listen on iTunes here! The third episode of the Collateral Repair Project Podcast sheds light on an important issue that Refugees go through; starting a family in a host country. To start with, we talk to...

Episode 2 (August 2018) – Orientation and Identity

Listen on iTunes here! In our second episode of the Collateral Repair Podcast, we discuss orientation and identity in the refugee context. We explore challenges refugees face and hear from Waseem, a young man who fled...

Episode 1 (June 2018) – Education

This episode marks the launch of the Collateral Repair Podcast, a new platform to tell the stories of refugees living in Amman. We begin with an episode on education, a critical and complex factor in refugee children’s lives after displacement.

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